Lunch2.0 at Netgear

Went to another Lunch2.0 event today, this time it was hosted by Netgear.

Saw a few familiar faces from last week’s event at LinkedIn. Sat with some great folks from Hitachi Data Systems including Web Content Manager Chris Salazar and Web Developer Brian Stephens, who, by the way, blogs about chocolate. Also got to sit with super web strategist Jeremiah Oywang of Podtech and got to discuss a few ideas I might try on my own. Also sat with PR blogger Jeremy Pepper, who seemed to have misplaced his lens cap. I hope he found it.

It was also great to see Jessica Mah again. I met her last week at the LunchGeeks event. Check out her blog. She is like 16 and a freshman in college and has already founded a couple of start ups. How cool is that (ok except the part that makes me feel reaaaaally old at 29…).

Got to chat a little bit with LinkedIn’s Mario Sundar about social media and possible implications on recruiting. I think I just got an idea for a post for my other blog on the subject.

I think Lunch2.0 was perfect for Netgear. I saw it as a cost-effective way to showcase their products to a niche audience. While Lunch2.0 is making its way into the mainstream the people who make time to come to these events are still mostly part of the web industry, the folks who are genuinely interested in wireless routers and adapters and VoIP. Compare the catering cost to say…a trade show booth (where you get to talk to people for what…5 minutes because they gotta move on to the next booth), add to that all the exposure from all the blog posts about the event.

And those coming for the free lunch? I really couldn’t care less what they feed us in these events. These events are valuable to me in that I get to spend my lunch hour talking to the so-called new influencers about stuff I can put to use the moment I get back to the office. Ok fine. I also saved the $7-8 I would’ve spent on today’s lunch.

Speaking of food…today’s event was catered by Andy’s Barbeque, which was great…the meat was tender and the sauce was to die for. Now I’m not going to complain here about barbeque not being networking friendly (because it’s messy) because Netgear provided attendees with aprons. So you know…if you needed to reach over and shake someone’s hand you can just wipe it clean first on your Netgear apron. :-)

Oh. And no desserts. While that was great for my diet (which I totally blew on last week’s peanut butter brownies at LinkedIn), the lack of chocolate almost killed me as I sat listening to Brian Stephens talk about making chocolate gnache. Must. Have. Chocolate. Now.

Thanks to the folks at Netgear for hosting this event.

7 Responses to Lunch2.0 at Netgear

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  3. Bill Compton says:

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  4. So when are we going to start the campaign to get Brian to bring dessert to the next lunch 2.0? hahaha.

  5. Jessica Mah says:

    hey there!

    thanks for the mention! Youre not old at all… I come from new york, and age 35 is considered young!

  6. […] been nice to talk to Oracle engineers who may have been working on the projects they demoed today. (Netgear’s Lunch20 is a nice example…they did the demos nicely by setting up booths where engineers talked about their products in […]

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