Facebook Mixer2.0

Just got back from the Facebook Developer Happy Hour, which is probably one of the biggest Lunch20s I’ve been to.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many engineers crammed in one room. It’s really not that surprising, a majority of Lunch20ers seem to be engineers (which probably explained David Kellogg’s shock when I told him I was a marketing peon during the Meebo Lunch20). But nonetheless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many.

Which is great for Facebook’s recruiting efforts. Again. Lunch20’s ROI. Catering costs for this event probably doesn’t even come close to how much it would’ve cost to reach such a targeted audience in the form of advertising on job boards, etc. And Facebook is hiring. It seems the most urgent is for a MySQL DBA because it got a special mention.

It was definitely a well-attended event with prominent bloggers. Podtech’s Robert Scoble was there, as well as Jeremiah Owyang.

Also got to catch up with LinkedIn’s Mario Sundar. And even though I know better, for some reason, I just had to ask, “so where do you stand in all this talk about how Facebook is taking over the social networking space?”

It was loud and I don’t have the best hearing so I can’t directly quote, but Mario (who, by the way, is also active on Facebook), said something along the lines of there’s a place for both. And I agree. Though as I’ve said in the past, it’ll be interesting what LinkedIn’s open API might do to professional social networking (does anyone else remember the time when that used to be an oxymoron…or am I just too old?)

The food was great. California rolls and potstickers were definitely networking-friendly.

It seems I learn something new with each Lunch2.0 event, and this is today’s list:

You’re not an engineer and there’s nothing but engineers around you…
And… you’re hungry but you also wanted to keep the conversation going without having that awkward “I’m chewing” silence…I’ve learned that the question:

“What do you think about Ruby?”

will go along way.

That will buy you a good 15 minutes and give you a wealth of information.

If your new engineer friend is shy, you can follow up with

“Will it scale?”

Trick, by the way, was courtesy of Ramon (I’m not sure how to spell his last name)and Blake Commagere, developer of one of my favorite Facebook apps, Causes. Thank you both for educating me on Ruby.

It’s fascinating to watch engineers talk about Ruby and hear them make the comparison with PHP and use phrases such as “it’s like magic…” complete with the twinkle in their eyes.

Free food
(I work for a recruiting firm so I have an idea what these guys make, which makes a lengthy conversation about where to get free food beyond perplexing…)

While I was trying to catch some fresh air at the hallway (it was reaaaaally getting stuffy in the cafeteria) I got in a conversation with David Kellogg, Nick from del.icio.us and Dimitri from Converse about where to get free food (aside from Lunch2.0)

Dimitri gets his grub by making his rounds for samplers at Costco.

David recommends sneaking into that company in Mountain View with rhymes with Oogle. He recommends printing out an email that says you have an interview. Show it to the guard, who will then let you into the cafeteria.

“Just don’t do it right at noon when it’s obvious,” he said.

I’m not sure I’ll try it because I don’t trust myself to make a realistic enough e-mail, but we talked about creating a template for this purpose. I’ll be stalking Dave for this.

6 Responses to Facebook Mixer2.0

  1. terry chay says:

    That “what do you think of Ruby?” is a landmine that Blake and Ramon planted for me to trip over.

    You’ve been warned. :-D

  2. Oy… Lisa, the method to get free lunch at the Big G is get in through Charleston Park, no need to show anyone ID. I told you this at the luncheon.

  3. Blake Commagere says:

    Oh Terry –

    In fairness, I still love PHP.

    But I still remember the day I helped write an app using RoR – mmmmm Causes. Well, that was the day that my heart grew 3 sizes. And that evening, they even let me carve the Roast Beast. :)

    Course, that was in the before time, in the long long ago.

    All my current projects are written completely in LOLCODE.

    O NOES

  4. Lisa says:

    Terry — for some reason whenever I hear the word Ruby I have an image of you saying “RAWR!”

    Hasan — yes you did! Thanks for reminding me. I think I just have an obsession for templates.

    Blake — I’m sorry I forgot to mention that you did say some nice things about PHP as well and to take it further, I thought you did a great job of comparing RoR and PHP side by side, pros, cons and all.


  5. […] Blake has started to leave little landmines for me: every time a non-engineer gets intimidated by all the web geeks around at Lunch 2.0, he helpfully suggests that they ask two questions above. […]

  6. […] hate to see apps like Zombies (both apps were, by the way, were from the same developer — met him at the Facebook Mixer a while back). And then sometimes, I just wish LinkedIn would just stay the way it is, but maybe with better […]

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