Oracle Lunch2.0


Just got back from the Oracle Lunch2.0. While it was interesting to hear all the database giant’s Web2.0 initiatives, I felt this was the most presentation-heavy Lunch2.0s I’ve been to.

The presentations featured Oracle’s widget initiative, basically enabling users to access enterprise CRM information through lightweight applications that they can take wherever, and applications that will work with whatever widget platform you are using. They also demoed an enterprise mashup application featuring data from Google Maps, Oracle’s CRM and GPS applications. You’re clocking in billable hours. Are you really at the service call? Google Maps says you’re in a bar somewhere downtown. U-huh. Ok a less scary example – say you’ve dispatched support to a client. Now you can give a more accurate ETA to your client. Perhaps AT&T should have something like this.

“Our service personnel will be there in approximately 13 hours…”

The food was great, saw a lot of familiar faces. But it sure would’ve been nice to talk to Oracle engineers who may have been working on the projects they demoed today. (Netgear’s Lunch20 is a nice example…they did the demos nicely by setting up booths where engineers talked about their products in smaller groups…because IMHO, Web2.0, among the many things it stands for, is about interacting with your users). The presenters said it several times during the demos that they are interested in hearing feedback from the web community that was present. But beyond saying you want to hear from the community I think it’s also important to make the environment conducive to feedback. Just my two cents. I’m sure there was time after the presentation, but I was gone by then.

But thank you Oracle for the great food. I hope you’ll open up to the web community again as I’m really interested in your Web2.0 stuff, but hopefully with more conversations and less presentations. The projector is nice, but I want to play with it and experience the application for myself. It would be nice to talk to the engineers who worked on it. Again, just my two cents.

Here are some pics from the event.

Jeremiah OwyangDave McClure aka Facebook Fanboyone of the many presentations...oracle4.jpgRobert Scoble's backoracle7.jpgoracle8.jpgoracle9.jpg

8 Responses to Oracle Lunch2.0

  1. Justin Kestelyn says:

    Lisa, thanks for this feedback. I agree; we overdid the demos, but now we can bank on this experience for the next one. Remember, this was our first one :).

  2. lisaamorao says:

    Yes Justin…and it was a nice first Lunch20 as well. Looking forward to future community events at Oracle!

  3. Thomas Han says:


    Thanks for the recap, looks like maybe I didn’t miss much, except for the food and seeing you all :-) Next time.

  4. […] Lisa went to the event, and gives her honest opinion of the event, she’s been to many community event. Always count on the blogosphere to keep opinions and […]

  5. dipdastardly says:

    Lisa – next time we will have the mallet ready for the guy who opens up powerpoint.

    Point taken on having the ‘scheming minds’ who are creating this content, present at the forum. But don’t assume that it’s just the engineers who are doing the cooking … :-) Here’s to the next Lunch!

  6. lisaamorao says:

    Hey Thomas, yeap, you missed some pretty good eats. The dessert was awesome.

    dipdastardly – LOL on the mallet comment. Presentations are cool, I think, if done in moderation. It would be great to meet all the cooks in the kitchen. :-) Looking forward to the next lunch!

  7. Justin Kestelyn says:

    For the record, we specifically asked the speakers NOT to lean on PPT. Not everyone is a good listener though. :) That being said it was a relatively small percentage of the overall presentation.

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