Restoring Post-iPhone 2.1

Please see the previous post about what happened to my iPhone. Basically, about two hours after 2.1 was installed, my iPhone crashed. State of the iPhone 3G at the time of crash: 

1) Plugged into iTunes on MacBook Pro. 

2) Playing a track from iPhone’s iPod. 

3) Fully charged. 

I pressed the power button to reboot. Apple logo appeared, then black, blank screen. 

I disconnected from MacBook Pro. Reconnected. 

Apple logo appeared. iTunes detected the iPhone. About 10 seconds later, iPhone starts vibrating in a way that I can only describe as seizure-like. Pulsating, I guess. It stops. Then…silence. iPhone screen is blank. No iPhone icon on iTunes. 

Did the steps as prescribed here, but the same thing happens, down to the iTantrums.

Repeated several times, and this is what finally worked:

1) If your iPhone is connected to iTunes, disconnect. 

2) Hold down power and home button at the same time. 

3) Once you see the Apple logo, let go of the power button but keep holding the home button.

4) While holding down the home button, connect your iPhone to iTunes.

5) See if iTunes will detect the iPhone in Recovery Mode. Let go of the home button once you see the option. You must act quickly as you have a short window of opportunity to do this. See screen shot below.

6) If you see this, go back to step 1. 

7) Repeat until it gives you the option to restore to your backup. It took me three tries to get it right.


Update: My iPhone was restored but without any of my apps.

One Response to Restoring Post-iPhone 2.1

  1. Chanmao says:

    Yo! Thanks for the help!

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